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Can a rock star save humanity from complete annihilation? Can he and his crew complete their raucous journey, as a series of horrific events lead to a shocking revelation that will change humanity forever? And could they be more brilliant, bombastic and bedazzling while they do it?


Humanity’s current foray into space exploration, the Deepening, is still in its beginning phases. Advancing ever deeper, they have stumbled into the domain of an ancient race of aliens who have secretly influenced mankind for millennia.



Follow along with Kyle, and experience the events prior to those of The Deepening book series from a neo-retro 2D perspective when you run, jump, and shoot through waves of beasts to make our trek to the stars more safe.

About Kelly

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Kelly Brewer grew up in the South and has had a guitar in his hand since he was 13. It became his vehicle for creation. He penned dozens of lyrics and music for his rock’n’roll band and they traveled the country, playing gigs and moving people with his tunes.

In his teens, he started his own real estate business because he knew he’d never be able to hold a steady job.

As a strong conservative Christian, who’d lived the first 30 years of his life as a rebel heathen, Brewer tried churches but wasn’t able to swallow the stories they were telling. When he’d ask questions, they’d dismiss him and send him on his way. Thus, Brewer’s life motto became: Seek the Truth. Even when they tell you you’re wrong.

He has never ceased that journey.

Brewer is dad to two feisty and wild-at-heart young ladies who forever remind him of who he is. And makes sure he stays on his path.

Since releasing First Contact, Brewer has already begun work on his next bodies of work and is ready to bring the world more of Kyle and his adventurous escapades, pushing the boundaries of outer space.